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Grejbels Owner & Founder - Gabriel

Gabriel F.

Food Enthusiast,

Budding Entrepreneur

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Grejbels is a brand that focuses on a mix of class and homemade goodness when it comes to delicious treats. We bring you the sweetest Strawberry Jams and the most delicious Orange Marmalade, so good that their only comparison is our mix of butter cookies that are to die for. Our packaging has been chosen for easy reusability and recycling to ensure it is as environmentally friendly as can be to help our planet against pollution.


Our products are a love language to the idea that the sweetest and most delicious foods can be vegan, which is why our products are made without animal by-products.

Why not indulge in our delicious treats, carefully orchestrated to be good for the environment, animal life, and especially for your taste buds! There’s no shame in our products!

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