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Chopping Techniques

Proper knife skills are needed not only does it make preparing the food and cooking it easier and safer, but it also aids oneself to grow in confidence. Some of these techniques may need a fair bit practice, once you start learning and progressing, it starts to become second nature to you, and this is what will set you apart from the beginners.


-> Julienne

-> Rock chop

-> The Batonnet

-> Brunoise

-> Paysanne

-> Chiffonade

-> Pont-Neuf



  1. Wash till clean then peel

  2. Trim off the top & bottom of the food item

  3. Cut into 2-3 inch lengths

  4. Trim rounded edges

  5. Cut rectangle into ⅛ inch slices

  6. Stack slices on top of each other again and chop lengthwise


  1. Stack leaves on top of each other

  2. Roll tightly into a cylinder lengthwise

  3. Hold down the cylinder and use a sharp knife to cut thin slices along the width of it

  4. Properly cut slivers will unfurl into small circles


  1. Peel Potatoes

  2. Wash thoroughly so as no dirt is on the potato

  3. Cut the potatoes to thick like potato french fries of about 2cm by 7cm

Rock Chop

  1. Roughly chop ingredients

  2. Gather into small pile

  3. Place knife tip on one side of the pile and hold steady with hand

  4. Rock the knife up and down till the ingredient is fine as wanted/needed.

​[Curl fingers to keep safe from blade]


  1. Cut carrots in half lengthwise

  2. Cut again into four quarters

  3. Cut into squares of thickness 1mm

The Batonnet

  1. Regularize the shape of the vegetable by topping and tailing with the aim of squaring it off

  2. Cut into 6cm long pieces

  3. Stack those pieces on top of each other and cut into 6mm wide sticks



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